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About us

About us

ROXEHA is an artistic duo formed by Roxanne Wegscheider and Denis Auspert. It takes its name from a fusion of Roxanne's nickname, the letters of Denis's first and last name, and the tail end of the word "aloha." This unique moniker embodies a multitude of emotions and can convey various forms of affection, including love and compassion. These emotions are emblematic of life and its diverse energies. The essence of ROXEHA lies in crafting an artistic universe filled with unconventional shapes, abstract forms, whimsical characters, living entities, and asymmetrical strokes. It represents not just an art form but a genuine mindset—a positive approach to life!

We are a self-taught couple based in Brussels. Beyond our partnership in everyday life, we also share a creative bond in the world of art. Our journey began in 2018 when we crossed paths at the Tomorrowland festival. Since then, we have embarked on a collaborative journey, bringing our collective ideas and projects to life. Individually, we had been drawing, tinkering, and experimenting since our childhoods. However, in late 2020, we decided to fully explore our artistic vision together by launching ROXEHA. Our aim is to break free from conventional norms and evoke positive reactions from those who encounter our art. We aspire to infuse joy, happiness, vibrant colors, and radiant universes into our creations.

Our passion for art has deep roots—Roxanne's love for collage and texture layering, and our shared interest in drawing from a young age. Our art is a celebration of bold lines that give rise to asymmetrical strokes, offering endless interpretations to the viewer. We invite each observer to explore their own imagination to decipher the secrets hidden behind each shape. Our creative process is a fluid one, marked by clean lines and intricate patterns. It evolves through various stages, employing an array of materials, resulting in a raised and 3D quality achieved by blending and layering different textures.

Our artworks are enriched by a fusion of our numerous passions, with encounters and travel experiences exerting the most significant influence. We complement each other like yin and yang, and our life motto revolves around enjoying every moment. We firmly believe in pursuing our life goals, for the greatest failure lies in never trying at all. We consider it essential, even crucial, to promote a positive mindset, as we all share one common thread as human beings: we are part of one giant community. 

Our mission is to connect, merge our diverse energies, and spread joy and good vibes!